The Northern Public Law Forum is an annual seminar series on public law that rotates around law schools in the north of England. The inaugural seminar will be held in January 2018 at the University of Sheffield, followed by the University of Liverpool (2019), and the University of York (2020).

 The speakers at the inaugural seminar at the University of Sheffield on 31st January 2018 are Professor Carol Harlow (London School of Economics) and Professor Richard Rawlings (University College London). More information on this seminar, including details on how to register, can be found here.

The Forum’s Organising Committee is co-chaired by Professor Graham Gee and Dr Joe Tomlinson from the University of Sheffield. The other committee members are Dr Mike Gordon (University of Liverpool), Professor Kathryn Hollingsworth (Newcastle University), Dr Lawrence McNamara (University of York), Jed Meers (University of York), Dr Adam Tucker (University of Liverpool), Dr Hélène Tyrell (Newcastle University), and Dr Se-shauna Wheatle (University of Durham).